My passion is drawing cats, so much so that I have decided to specialise in them. Using colour pencil I create amazingly lifelike, beautiful and characterful portraits which have a recognisable and unique style.


Cats have been best friends and a source of wonder to me all my life, but it wasn't until my son asked me to paint our boy Billy, that I realised to my surprise that I would prefer them as subjects, rather than the landscapes and nature I was using as my inspiration at the time.


There's something about capturing the beauty and personality of a cat that's compelling and very rewarding. Even more so when it means so much to someone; I get my buzz from the reaction of my clients. It's a shame colour pencil is such a slow medium to work in, as I know I will only ever be able to draw a fraction of the felines I would like to.


If you're thinking of ordering a cat portrait commission, or are here to enjoy the art, I always welcome your feedback and enquiries. I post regular work in progress updates and news on my Facebook page.